DELL 4G WWAN Card DW5810E 2J8GY 5X80D

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Upgrade your note book to 4G WWAN with the DW5810E from DELL,

DELL Part Number 2J8GY, 5X80D

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DELL 4G WWAN Card DW5810E 2J8GY 5X80D

The DELL 4G WWAN Card DW5810E 2J8GY 5X80D can upgrade your note book or tablet to 3G – 4G  WWAN with the DW5810E from DELL, Part Number 2J8GY, 5X80D

It features Global LTE/DC-HSPA WWAN M.2 through the interface, plug and cover. It has Windows 7, 8 and Blue certified drivers including the Connection Manager. DW5810E is verified by Intel Ultrabooks and Tablet PC platform. GPS|Glonass satellite carrier can provide faster, more accurate positioning in difficult environment with Low power consumption increase battery life. It is Ideal platform for consumer electronics products and mobile computing device specifications:

Solutions based on Intel XMMTM7160 ·Size of 30x42mm (NGFF WWAN Card Type 3042)

Support band: -LTE FDD (band 1-5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19,20) -UMTS | DC-HSPA + (band 1, 2, 4, 5, 8) -GSM | GPRS | EDGE (bands 2, 3, 5, 8) ·3GPP protocol stack release 9 ·

The maximum data throughput -LTE: Cat 3, DL 100 Mbps, UL50 Mbps -3G: DC-HSPA + cat.24, 42 Mbps

3G: HSUPA cat.7, 11.5 Mbps High sensitivity A-GPS/A-Glonass receivers (SUPL 1.0& SUPL 2.0) ·IPC I/F:USB-HS/LPM ·To support data only (no support for voice) .Support for Windows 7,8 and Blue Operating System ·Firmware upgrade conversion ·Intel platform features: adaptive clock (Ack), a selective idle (SS), LPM (USB low power mode),dynamic transmit power and heat framework (DTPF), Wifi uninstall Note:This item not compatible with HP and Lenovo


Type: 4G WWAN Card

Connector: PCI Express card M.2 Form factor (Not standard PCI Express)

Model: LM930

Condition: NEW


Part Number

2J8GY, 5X80D



Venue 11 Pro 7410

Latitude 5000 Series E5250, E5450, E5550

Latitude 7000 Series  E7250, E7350, E7450, E7550, 7350

Rugged Extreme 7404, 7204

Rugged 5404

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